Cars of Old Manila

Filipinos have always had a love affair with cars. While most vehicles are used primarily for family use to school, work and back, Filipinos also owned the muscle cars for the sheer pleasure of the handsome looks and fierce engine power. American vehicles dominated the Philippine roads up to the early 1970’s. And here some

Art Deco Buildings in the Philippines

Art Deco is a type of architecture highlighted by clear lines, geometrical patterns and vibrant colors. Many of the Art Deco buildings were built in the 1920’s to the 1930’s. There was a revival of Art Deco style in the 1950’s to the 1960’s. Some of the legendary architects of Art Deco buildings are Pablo

Old Greenhills Memories

Greenhills Shopping Center holds plenty of memories. As far back as 1970, people flocked to Greenhills for shopping. Uni-Mart is probably the most iconic supermarket back in the day. 

The Historic Fort Santiago

Tourist Attraction When one hears about Fort Santiago today, what comes to mind is a tourist attraction inside the Intramuros district of the City of Manila. True enough, Fort Santiago receives about 411,154 visitors per year based on the Department of Tourism Year-End Report for 2011. What seems like a park with some buildings and

February 3, 1945: Liberation of Santo Tomas Internment Camp

Background The University of Santo Tomas (UST) was established at the Intramuros district of Manila in 1611. The UST is in fact the oldest university in Asia. However, the Intramuros facilities of the UST could no longer handle the growing student population. In 1927, UST established its sprawling campus along a four cornered lot in

Escolta: A Rich and Glorious Heritage

Escolta is one of the oldest streets in the Philippines. The street dates back to 1594 and became the main business center of Manila from the Spanish Colonial times.  Escolta comes from the Spanish word “escoltar,” which means “to escort.” Spanish, Chinese, English, German and Indian traders established businesses at Escolta. Escolta was so prominent